ESCAPE 18, 2008, Lyon, France

Information session

Ideas session - Wed, June 04, 2008

In recent years we have witnessed very successful development of ESCAPE series meetings. However, there are more and more opinions that the way how we organise our events starts to be too routine. It seems that the presentations, 2-3 questions or ad hoc meetings at the posters do not fulfill the expectations of many participants with regard to discussion and exchange of opinions.

Keeping in mind the comments as well as seeing new developments in the conference organisation – “unconferencing”, the organisers of ESCAPE 18 provided an opportunity for "an experimental session".

The objectives of the ideas session were:
- to facilitate the discussion on the subjects related to CAPE but not present in the conference programme
- to enable the free flow of opinions between the considerable number of the participants
- to provoke the emergence of new ideas not only on what we can do in CAPE but also how it could be done.

Everybody had 5-8 minutes speech on the subject of his/her choice or could comment on the speeches of others. Some of the presentations are given below.