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Computer Aided Process Engineering

Computer Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) concerns the management of complexity in systems involving physical and chemical change. These systems usually involve many time and scale lengths and their characteristics and the influences on them are uncertain. CAPE involves the study of approaches to analysis, synthesis, and design of complex and uncertain process engineering systems and the development tools and techniques required for this. The tools enable process engineers to systematically develop systems, products and processes across a wide range of domains involving chemical and physical change: from molecular, thermodynamic and genetic phenomena to manufacturing processes and to related business processes.
The Working Party promotes the development, study, and use of CAPE tools and techniques.

Characteristics: Multiple scales, uncertainty, multidisciplinary, complexity
Core competencies: modeling, synthesis, design, control, optimization, problem solving
Domains: manufacturing products and processes involving molecular change, sustainability, business processes, biological systems, energy, water

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